Premium Beauty News - In a dull market, nail enamels are doing fine! How do you explain this?

Pierre Miasnik - Enamels can be found in the same stores consumers do their everyday shopping. The colour offer is significantly substantial: from light shades, French manicures to the deepest reds while enriching the palette to blue, green and yellow colours.

Women know that a light enamel will help nails look more attractive, will hide the streaks and will prevent nails from splitting.

It is all but expensive luxury.


Premium Beauty News - What is your perception of the main trends in the global market of nail polish?

Pierre Miasnik - It a mass market involving large volumes. We have noticed significant improvement in qualities both technical and cosmetic. Recent regulations have banished the use of toluene and DBP (Dibutylphthalate) and we have also discarded from our lists several ingredients often used in polishes.

Customers are looking for easy-to-use products. Easy in the sense that they are easy to apply, that they cover without streaks, that they are bright and remain bright, that they dry quickly and are resistant. To make up for the withdrawal of some ingredients and meet new requirements we have rethought the formulation of enamels.

Premium Beauty News - Do these changes impact your production tool? And if it is the case, what investments do you need to implement?

For many years, Fiabila’s activity has been progressing strongly, and our foreign affiliates, put aside, we are improving our production tools and filling tools to step up production capacity, quality product and safety. This year, we just finished installing last generation sprinklers for a cost of more than 2 million Euros and we are currently placing the whole site of Maintenon under telesurveillance. Still in 2009, we have installed high tech-equipment for the production of clay gels. This allows us to manufacture brighter and more fluid enamels therefore easier to apply, more stable, and with better constancy from one lot to the other.

Premium Beauty News – Regulations regarding environment are increasing every day. What’s the impact on your activity and how to you coop with it?

Pierre Miasnik - We are currently studying the installation of a storage unit for solvents and implementation of solutions to limit open tank production.