Véronique Sestrière

Véronique Sestrière

Premium Beauty News - What does this 2014 edition look like, and more particularly for the Beauty sector?

Véronique Sestrière - We have an exciting representation of 1,500 exhibitors, all sectors included, among which, 15% dedicated specifically to the Health / Beauty / Luxury sector, which is fairly consistent and in line with its market share in value. We also expect more than 100,000 visitors, 10% from big names in the cosmetic and luxury sector, like L’Oréal, Beiersdorf, Clarins, P&G, Avon, Caudalie.... This concerns mainly the purchasing departments, the packaging and conditioning departments etc.., but all functions are represented at a high level, which goes to show the strategic importance of packaging for brands.

Premium Beauty News - What are the motivations for visiting a multisectorial show like Emballage?

Véronique Sestrière - It is very complementary to a so-called "niche" trade show – and there are several –, often of high quality too. Given the rapid pace of innovation, it seems essential to update one’s benchmarks in all sectors of activity, I am thinking in particular of the food industry, which is very close to the Hygiene/Cosmetics universe. In terms of market intelligence, a trade show is the best tool in the world, it is important from time to time, to stand out from one’s inner circle and Emballage fulfills this need for multisectoral points of reference. It is also a way of sourcing new partners. With 30% new exhibitors and 40% of new visitors, this trade show is an opportunity to broaden your contacts.

Premium Beauty News - Precisely what will be the importance given to innovation?

Véronique Sestrière - Emballage is a gathering of experts and we do a tremendous job in the creation of contents, of tools and animations, to help decode the news, trends and innovations in a global or more sector-specific manner. Concerning cosmetic packaging and its trends, will be discussed among others, ’cushions’ foam applicators, airless systems of course, and finishing techniques.

Premium Beauty News - Concurrently to the meeting in Villepinte, will take place The Dieline Summit, can you tell us more?

Véronique Sestrière - Indeed we are inaugurating this year a major appointment, targeting packaging design: The Dieline Summit@Emballage.

The Dieline, created by Andrew Gibbs in 2007, is the most visited site in the world in the field of packaging design for professionals and students. Its objective is to identify and promote the best packaging designs, and offer a venue where the packaging design community can review, comment and stay informed on the latest trends and projects created in the field. With over 300,000 visitors per month, it stands as an international reference in the field. Its success led to the creation of the Awards that we had already exposed in 2012 at the last edition of emballage, and to conferences up to now only organized in the United States.

For the first time we will be organizing jointly with Andrew "the Dieline Summit" in Paris, in the fringe of Emballage on 16 and 17 November at the Palais des Congrès. It is a new format, with interventions never seen before in Europe. [1]

Alongside seven Anglo-Saxon speakers, this summit aims to bring together an audience of 300 design professionals (agencies and brands) for a broad discussion on the future of packaging design and its ability to change the world. A shared vision from the two sides of the Atlantic which could be identified as a "proposal" to invent the future of packaging...