The Different Company now offers a 100 ml size - instead of 90 ml previously - for a selection of its perfumes in the Just Chic (ex Collection Classique) and Esprit Cologne collections. True to the refillable concept, which is part of the brand’s DNA, this new line intends to bring added value to fragrances presented in luxury boxes.

The heavy iconic bottle designed by Thierry de Baschmakoff, founder of the brand 15 years ago, and designed by Saverglass, hasn’t changed but was given precious details, such as the platinum or enamel screen printed decoration, a metal cap with a silver finish and a silver hot stamped decorated box. The pump mechanism remains invisible when the spray is used. Each box includes a black velvet protective pouch and a funnel, for an easier bottle refill.

Prices were not impacted by this increase in volumes and the nine fragrances in the Juste Chic collection are available at 155 euros for the 100 ml format instead of 153 euros for the previous format. The Cologne collection with more open olfactory codes and high quality ingredients is now proposed at 95 euros (100 ml), a 10 euros difference, which can be explained by the fact the Bakelite cap was replaced by a metal one.