Luc Gabriel, The Different Company

Luc Gabriel, The Different Company

The two creators wanted to break free from the traditional codes, briefs and costs of fragrance creation to get back to exceptionality. When Luc Gabriel took over the reins of the company in 2004, after the departure of Jean Claude Ellena, the brand gave tribute to exceptional creation by entrusting famous fragrance creators such as Céline Ellena, Christine Nagel, Bertrand Duchaufour, Emilie Coppermann, Corine Cachen, Delphine Jelk and Alexandra Monet. The brand offers a total of 24 references over 3 collections - L’Esprit Cologne, Collection Classique and Collection Excessive. Nuit Magnétique, The Different Company’s latest fragrance, was created in 2014 by Christine Nagel.

To celebrate the brand’s 15th anniversary, two new fragrances are expected in 2015: a 15th fragrance should be added to the Collection Classique, as well as a creation by Bertrand Duchaufour for the Collection Excessive.

"For any new creation, I make sure the consistence of our lines and our fragrances is respected, but I also introduce bold and innovative scents in the collections. We want to explore all avenues with various states of mind and compositions while keeping in line with the style of each collection and each creator. Raw materials must be exceptional and in proportions allowing them to express their own characteristics. Our keywords are Elegance, Innovation, Top quality and Singularity,” says Luc Gabriel, the brand’s president of The Different Company and co-founder of the young Comité Joséphine, a trade association focusing on the promotion of rare perfumes.

Refillable luxury design

Created by Thierry de Baschmakoff and produced by Pochet, the perfumes’ glass bottle stand out from the mass with its cover, a true symbol of the brand, which is made of silver finished metal (La Factory) or black Bakelite, depending on the collections.

From the beginning, The Different Company chose to combine luxury with eco-design by offering a refillable 90 ml version. The also offers a chic nomadic spirit through its crocodile or lizard leather travel cases, and its 10 ml lightweight version.

In addition to fragrances, a bath line and a collection of candles complete the range, which is available at the brand’s store in Paris but also in independent perfumery stores and some selected department stores in 35 countries.

Worldwide success

As many other niche perfumery brands The Different Company generates 80% of its turnover from exports.

"There is a huge interest in this category around the world," says Luc Gabriel "In the Gulf countries, Russia, Latin America and in the Baltic countries, where independent niche retail stores account for 15% of the market, the haute parfumerie is gradually replacing selective brands. We are also prospecting new markets such as Sweden and Mexico," he adds.

With sales growing by 20%, in line with the estimated market growth, The Different Company maintains its market share in a competitive environment that has largely changed in recent years. "It is true that many alternative brands have been launched and this impacted us between 2008 and 2010. However, consumers are now returning to true quality. Actually, only fifteen marks are really interesting and have the financial capacity to invest in brand consistency and in the creativity of the fragrances and packs. Our positioning as contemporary French haute parfumerie brand is our main asset and originality," concludes Luc Gabriel.