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Noémie Régnier

The Cosmetic Industry: The importance of mastering its product innovation cycle

Today, in order to remain competitive, companies in the cosmetics industry must, more than ever, be attentive to changes in the market. Whether that be in terms of trend or of innovation.

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Faced with the accelerating product development cycles, a lack of collaboration between the various departments or even dispersed or even incoherent information, cosmetics companies are looking for solutions enabling them to master the various facets of their products : Marketing, R & D, quality, etc.

But in addition to these challenges, these companies must also comply with European and international regulatory obligations. It is not enough just to have “the right idea”, but to have the tools adapted to recover all the information necessary for the creation of products. In other words, to have a digital continuity of the information along the chain of the life cycle of the product.

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Managing these projects and associated risks is therefore a strategic priority for industry in this sector.

The importance of controlling the product life cycle

Companies think above all that to put in place rigorous management will be beneficial for them to develop consistency in their product. Although this is true we must see beyond this first benefit. It is also an opportunity for it to improve transversality within the various services.

In short, it is about helping companies not only in their internal collaboration but also externally with their various partners.

Today, Product LifeCycle Management (PLM) solutions need to take this new approach into account and continually adapt to meet the challenges of these industries.

Besides the traditional advantages of PLM such as:

  • The centralization of all data and documentation relating to the product, from the raw material to the finished product, within a single repository,
  • Optimizing the design and formulation of new products,
  • Traceability of products,
  • Etc.

The PLM is opening up new functions to enable cosmetics manufacturers to:

  • Dematerialize the technical files and link the documents together for a quick and automatic update,
  • Manage collaboration with suppliers and external providers,
  • Follow the different stages, the different actors and the accomplishment of the European dossiers,
  • Fluidify the processes of creation and execution of packagings,
  • Manage allergens, current regulations,
  • Etc.

Thus, PLM solutions are evolving in relation to this sector. By putting in place a set of agile and operational methods, companies see their exchanges and the management of their information facilitated and controlled in order to focus on innovation.

Noémie Régnier, Marketing Manager, Lascom

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about Noémie Régnier
Noémie Régnier

Passionate about communication and digital marketing, Noémie Régnier joined the operational marketing team of Lascom - a French PLM [1] publisher - in 2014. At Lascom, Noémie is leading marketing operations, studies and communication for the food and consumer goods industries.

About Lascom:

Lascom’s North American office has been located in San Diego, California, for more than 10 years. Lascom works with local and global companies to help them to better manage their product specifications and project lifecycle. Lascom’s global strategy is succeeding making it a serious participant in the PLM sector.

Lascom provides PLM solutions for the food industry, retail and foodservice. Using Lascom’s PLM, customers’ productivity has increased by optimizing their product development process. PLM also reduces risks attached to new product development and products regulation.

Lascom has 130 client systems with more than 25 internationally in the U.S.A, U.K., Australia, South America, and the Middle East in the sectors of distribution, consumer products and complex systems industry. The company is based in Vélizy, in the Paris region of France and has subsidiaries in the U.S.A. in San Diego, California.



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