Christophe Baudry, Commercial Director Beautycare & Healthcare, Metsä...

Christophe Baudry, Commercial Director Beautycare & Healthcare, Metsä Board Paperboard

Premium Beauty News - What will be the novelties unveiled by Metsä Board at Luxe Pack this year?

Christophe Baudry - In recent years, we have striven to anticipate the needs of our customers. The perfume and cosmetic market, and more generally the luxury market are key to Metsä Board and this year, we are excited to introduce a tailor-made product, Carta Allura, developed in our production site of Tako in southern Finland. Its particularly smooth surface enables to meet the growing demand for special effects, an ideal match for the creative needs of luxury brands. A substrate for selective varnishing, hot foil printing, foil lamination, Carta Allura reveals the full strength of creative effects. The constant challenge of Metsä Board: true sustainable luxury. Like the other lines of products dedicated to luxury (Carta Elega, Carta Solida, Carta Integra, Avanta Prima and Chromolux), this new high-end board with a very bright finish is made from fresh forest fibres grown in sustainably managed forests.

Metsä Boardalso offers innovation in terms of services that global brands will also have the opportunity to discover through the showcase Packaging Services; from the analysis of packaging needs, the management of design and printing to logistics needs.

Premium Beauty News - Sustainable development is more than ever your motto?

Christophe Baudry - All our developments are part of our environmental approach that seeks to minimize the impact of our industrial tool. The other counterpart of our strategy is lightweighting, a significant commercial argument with our clients and contractors. This marketing and environmental asset sends a strong message to environmentally conscious end consumers and it is also a subsequent commercial argument. Reducing the weight of packaging also reduces the bill.

Premium Beauty News - How would you assess this nearly finished year?

Christophe Baudry - We are reaping the benefits of our investments in terms of weight reduction and environmental communication. Modo Northern Light, our uncoated lightweight liner, ideal for micro-fluting is currently very popular. We are also launching this year the coated version that saves up to 30% weight. Our efforts in terms of sustainable development also make of Metsä Board a reference in the field, as evidenced by our presence at many events focusing on this issue in Europe and worldwide.