Alexandre Nault

Alexandre Nault

Premium Beauty News - Can you introduce The Color Group is to our readers?

Alexandre Nault - We belong to the Canadian Custom Packaging (CCP) Group. Founded in 1957, CCP continues to be a leader in contract manufacturing. After a number of moves and expansions, CCP’s Toronto facility is now approximately 150,000 square feet in size, with state-of-the-art machinery, analytical and microbiology laboratories on-site that test raw materials as well as in-process and finished products. CCP’s manufacturing flexibility allows for runs sizes big or small.

CCP provides a turnkey process including formulation, development, package design, manufacturing, filling and packaging. The products CCP produce are very diverse, in areas including: skin care, hair care, bath and spa, hand and surface sanitizers, oral care, cleaners, fabric/carpet care, automotive care, pet care, and first aid products. CCP is also a Canadian leader in alcohol swab production. Separate facilities accommodate each product sector to Ensure Specialized environments.

CCP is licensed to manufacture pharmaceutical and natural health products. All pharmaceutical rooms are temperature and humidity controlled. All pharmaceutical products, including alcohol based, can be filled into a wide variety of containers including tubes, pouches, jars and bottles. A controlled temperature and humidity room is available for stability testing. CCP manufactures and packages over 2000 diverse products for more than 500 companies.

The Color Group plant is located in Sherbrooke, Quebec and is a new addition to the CCP family, helping us specialize in all areas of the cosmetic business.

As for The Color Group, we try to bring the European “Art and Science” perspective to North America’s color cosmetic market. Highly specialized powder milling and pressing equipment from Europe allows us to deliver a unique combination of high-quality products and services to our clients. Flexible run sizes, quick turnaround, competitive prices, and our highly trained team makes us the good choice for the cosmetic manufacturing needs.

Our services include formulation, research & development, compounding and manufacturing, filling, assembly & labeling and sourcing.

Premium Beauty News - What advantages do you offer in the end?

Alexandre Nault - These are obviously flexibility and time to market! We are highly specialized in small and medium series, which is logical considering our size. But also the quality of our products is increasingly recognized not only in Canada but also with our great American neighbour not to mention Australia and Sweden. Our clients are mostly small brands but we also have some large key customer accounts who are interested by the flexibility and time to market we offer. In our Sherbrooke plant with a production area of 17,000 sq.ft. (1,600 sqm), we design, manufacture and assemble primarily makeup products for major brands and pharmacy chains (eye shadows, lip glosses, eyeliners, foundations etc. with the exception of mascara). Our product range can come in an almost infinite variety of colors and textures.

Note that since 2012 we have the ISO 22716 certification.