Showcased at the latest Luxe Pack fair in Monaco, “The Chameleon” is a high-precision solution created by Bioplan for sampling campaigns.

At the origin of this innovation, a simple idea: when it came to samples meant to be glued onto a base there is a room for improvement regarding the quality and precision of the positioning of the sample. With “The Chameleon”, the sampling supplier offers a sachet that is placed as closely as possible to the page, and which becomes an integral part of the design. This concept is a fit with all formats that require gluing - from the page of a magazine to a leaflet or an insert.

An added benefit for the end-consumer is that the sachet is easily removed, without damaging the page and then offers easy application. “A real advantage,” says Bioplan, who also underlines that thanks to the sample’s perfect placement on the page, “‘The Chameleon’ provides elegance and discretion.