Premium Beauty News - What are the origins of the Parfumerie Trésor?

Benny Tung - I studied in London and I discovered artistic perfumery in Europe with my sister, mainly in London and Paris. As far as fragrances are concerned, the choice is much more limited in Hong Kong than in Europe. We thought there was an opportunity to develop the artistic perfumery segment in Hong Kong and we partnered to open the city’s very first artistic perfume shop.

It is a family-owned business and a family story. Fragrances have been very important in our personal and familial history.

Premium Beauty News - How do you select the brands your distributing?

Benny Tung - For food and for clothes my personal preference always goes to high quality and niche. It is the same for fragrances. The most interesting brands are those focusing on quality rather than on marketing. Beyond quality, other very important criteria are the brand’s storytelling and emotional touch. Of course, the brands we sell must match with the style of the store. Eventually, exclusivity is a plus.

Premium Beauty News - How many brands are you selling?

Benny Tung - So far we’re selling 24 brands including 20 brands that are exclusive to Hong Kong and some are even exclusive to the Asia region.

Let’s mention, for instance, Arabian Oud, Bella Bellissima, D’Orsay, E.Coudray, Evody, Fragrance Du Bois, Histoires de Parfums, Jardins d’Écrivains, Jovoy, Juliette Has A Gun, L.T. Piver, Laurent Mazzone, Les Parfums de Rosine, Making of Cannes, Memo, Van Cleef & Arpels, Xerjoff, Yosh...

We import the brands and sell them in our retail store. In most cases, we are their official distributor in Hong Kong. We hope that the culture and lifestyle of niche and artistic perfumes can be appreciated and spread to other markets.

Premium Beauty News - Who are your customers?

Benny Tung - Most of our customers are women, but there are also some men looking for a gift and also some perfume lovers. About 60% of our customers are based in Hong Kong. We also have many customers from other Asian countries, mostly from Korea, but also from Japan and Malaysia, and also from mainland China. While some of them are just starting to discover perfumes, younger consumers are already well informed about artistic fragrances.

Floral and citrus notes are the most popular among our customers but woody fragrances also perform well during the winter. However, clients from the Middle East or India prefer stronger and more woody perfumes. Clients from mainland China also appreciate oud.