For ‘Elixirs of Nature’, an exclusive fragrance collection launched in February, with the aim to achieve high sustainability rates from the creation of the five fragrances to the packaging, The Body Shop (L’Oréal group) chose glass bottles produced by Verescence with NEO Infinite Glass.

NEO Infinite Glass is the first premium recycled glass, composed of 90 % recycled glass and 100 % recyclable. It is composed of 25 % flint household cullet, 65 % in-house cullet and 10 % raw materials, giving a total of 90 % recycled materials.

Manufactured in Mers-les-Bains (France), the NEO Infinite Glass has a lower environmental impact. “For instance, for every 1 million bottles produced in NEO Infinite Glass, 71 tons of sand are saved and 45 tons of carbon emissions are avoided, which is roughly equal to a gasoline powered car making 4 trips around the world,” claims Verescence.