The Clean Beauty phenomenon is on the rise in Europe, building off of European regulations. Brands are going above and beyond.

"Here at the Anjac Group, we believe that cosmetics must be Clean & Safe, no matter how the brand positions itself. Consumers everywhere expect it, and our clients—from big-box store brands and DNVBs to prestige brands, each with their own particularities—seek our assistance in offering that transparency and effectiveness. That is why we offer custom guidance," says a group spokesperson.

The Anjac Group and its subsidiaries work under a shared Clean & Safe Beauty charter, which helps guide brands in their decision-making. It is intended to be flexible and provide a 360° view of the topic in order to correspond to brand policies, as well as to shed light on policies in need of clear solutions.

"Together, our 12 R&D laboratories cover a broad spectrum of formula technologies and markets, including skin care, dermocosmetics, makeup, and personal care. We are thus able to handle the topic comprehensively. Our regulatory teams, including a toxicology expert who sits on the European Commission, guide our clients on an everyday basis," the Group explains.

The ANJAC Group’s Clean & Safe Beauty initiative is intended to be concrete. It is evident in:

 Initial selection of the best ingredients, with an emphasis on multi-functional ingredients from French and European sources.
 An innovation pipeline entirely devoted to sustainability, naturalness, and effectiveness, including organic and pleasant-smelling hygiene products from Roval; high-performing, talc-free makeup lines with more than 95% natural ingredients; and compostable, biodegradable impregnated fabrics with plastic-free packaging. Roval and Sicaf are the group’s leading experts in organic products.

- Intense innovation in solid cosmetics, thanks to the expertise of Sicaf and Pascual Cosmétiques, in stick and solid packaging-free formats. We are eliminating water use and gradually reducing packaging, with a focus on consumer habits and the sensory experience offered by the product. Brands love hybrid skin care/makeup sticks, including Sicaf’s Fresh Serum Concealer, recognized by the Innovation Tree jury at Makeup in Paris. "It’s a challenge to offer solid facial care products that can go without packaging while still being effective and providing a sensory experience. They need to be formulated with active ingredients that can withstand high temperatures for hours at a time," says Béatrice Anthouard, Sicaf’s formulation and prospective manager.
 The investment in Aircos’s powder format, another "Clean & Safe" innovation that is water- and talc-free for effective cleansing and anti-microbial skin care routines.
 The selection of smart, eco-friendly packaging, which also makes it possible to limit the use of preservatives.

"It’s an ongoing process, placing demands on every part of the value chain. Thanks to our 12 R&D laboratories, we are prepared to guide brands with any technology," concludes a Group spokesperson.