Stefano Castelletti

Stefano Castelletti

It may be recalled that the Oxygen Development company is a leading private label manufacturer and service provider for colour cosmetics, skin and hair care products, headquartered in Palm Beach, Florida, USA. Starting over 15 years ago, Oxygen presently employs 650 employees in two manufacturing sites. "Working in close partnership with several prominent brands of the worldwide cosmetics business, we operate mainly in the United States and on European and Latin American markets,” explains Stefano Castelletti, who joined the Oxygen Development Group recently. “We have developed our business by focusing on outstanding, innovative products, product quality and superior customer service – a recipe for success that allowed Oxygen to invest in new state of the art manufacturing facilities and extensive production capacity in the area of colour cosmetics, supporting companies’ successful growth strategy."

As for the German company, Carefull Colours Produktions GmbH, it is a traditional, leading private label manufacturer for colour cosmetics based in Burgwedel, Germany. Founded some 40 years ago by Cosmolab, USA, Carefull Colours’ business developed considerably after the takeover by the current owner M. Kurt Pilchowski some 25 years ago, to become an important partner to various cosmetics companies in Europe. According to the company’s leaders, this success “is built on a strong technological background, focused on offering first rate product quality, customer service and expedite time to market for new product development."

Pens, pencils and natural cosmetics

"Note, explains Stefano Castelletti, that the range of cosmetic automatic pens and pencils produced by Carefull Colours, currently in high demand for their convenient application and superior performance in the growing segment of lining, require a challenging and specialized technology and they will be certainly an important complement to the portfolio of Oxygen Developments".

Among the other assets of Carefull Colours, it should also be noted that the company is located in the home of natural cosmetics brands in Germany. "Carefull Colours, the statement said, will contribute to Oxygen Development’s advanced R&D and product know how for natural cosmetics. A sustainable, worldwide hyper trend set to stay and evolve our cosmetics industry."

The statement also said that "as funder of Carefull Colours, M. Kurt Pilchowski’s target is to give continuity to the business he built up for the last 25 years. As such M. Pilchowski will continue supporting our business partners, staff and Oxygen as senior advisor." M. Stefano Castelletti is appointed Managing Director of Carefull Colours. "With his vast experience and know how in the cosmetics industry, Stefano is a well known and appreciated business partner," the statement said. "In addition to his duties, he will also be in charge of Marketing and sales issues for both entities in the United States and Germany and will be a pillar for the development and organization of Oxygen’s international activities. He will benefit in Germany from the support of Ms. Lilli Deising from the Carefull Colours Company".