Impressive figures

Vijay Shah, Managing director, Piramal Glass

Vijay Shah, Managing director, Piramal Glass

"Impressive" is the only word one can think of when enumerating the number of furnaces and production lines of the biggest Indian glassmaker specialized in perfumery and cosmetics.

Piramal Glass only owned in 1984, two furnaces dedicated to pharmaceuticals and its turnover at the time was barely reaching a million euros. Yes, you did actually read, one million euros… compared to the billion dollars achieved this year by the group, which is also active in pharmaceuticals, life science research, financial services, real estate and production of glass containers, 40% of which being dedicated to perfumery and cosmetics [1].

Another figure speaks for itself: Piramal claims to be the world’s leading producer of bottles for nail polishes, i.e. one billion bottles per year! Who can top that? Especially when you know the group was not producing a single bottle in 1998. By the way, Piramal Glass’ growth rate this year will be of +15% compared to 2008.

20 years of heavy investments

A story worthy of a country’s booming economy. "That’s right, confirms Vijay Shah, Managing Director. Our progression has been particularly rapid and we are on the right tracks to meet the highest quality standards for perfume and cosmetic bottles".

A quick glance at the industrial tool shows that managers at Piramal group spared no efforts concerning industrial investments since twenty years.

Piramal Glass' plant in Kosamba, India

Piramal Glass’ plant in Kosamba, India

First plant, the one of Kosamba, India, which has no fewer than six ovens. A first one of 25 tons / day to produce Type 1 glass with three production lines, which will incidentally, see its capacity rise, within six months, to 40 tons / day with the addition of another line.

A second oven of 40 tons / day with four production lines for antibiotic bottles and nail polish bottles. A third oven of 75 tons / day (amber glass) with three production lines which will be dedicated, within one year, to perfumery and cosmetics. Finally, three other furnaces of 35 tons (4 lines), 65 tons (5 lines) with a capacity that will be increased to 100 tons / day in July, and the last and most recent one, of 100 tons / day (five lines) with a dye feeder.

This first plant also has an array of workshops dedicated to finishing (screen printing, lacquering, hot stamping, glass etching, installation of retractable sleeve etc.).

Second plant, the one in Jambusar, also in India, which has a first furnace of 245 tons / day (6 production lines) dedicated to pharmaceuticals, and a second furnace of 125 tons / day (white glass, 6 lines) for the food industry, perfumery and cosmetics mass market.

Then, the plant in Sri Lanka’s where the production capacity of the furnace was simply doubled 18 months ago to step up to 250 tons / day (5 lines), the production of which is mainly for the local market and the production of containers for spirits.

Finally the fourth production plant in the U.S. (erstwhile Wheaton Glass) taken over in 2005 and which now has two furnaces of 100 tons / day each with a total of 8 production lines, 60% being dedicated to perfumery and cosmetics. Not to mention two finishing units.

Over 120 million euro investments in three years. This is the total investment of Piramal Glass in three years time, including some 50 million in the United States and 70 million in India and Sri Lanka.

"Today, explains Vijay Shah, perfumery and cosmetics account for 39% of our business. It will represent 55% in three years".

5% of the world’s market

In the world, the global market for glass in perfumery and cosmetics is estimated to 2 billion dollars, says Vijay Shah, and we believe holding 5% of the market. Our clients are: Elisabeth Arden, Estée Lauder, L’Oréal, LVMH, Yves Rocher, YSL Beauté, Shiheido, Orlane, Cofinluxe, Coty, PNG... We are subject to very thorough and regular audits at all our plants. Our efforts in cosmetics and perfumery are supplemented with the presence of in-house design studio.

Our ambitions? They are quite simple: to become one of the top 3 key players in the perfumery and cosmetics industry. We’re on the right path!