Premium Beauty News - Fiabila has presented its new collection of nail polishes for this winter.

Estelle Miasnik – Our collections are always inspired by trends issued from trends offices, fashion and indoor-decoration professionals and various exhibits.

The expression of color is nonetheless subjective, intuitive, it springs from our memories, our emotions. A color has always a story to tell, it is timeless in essence but marries to natural or artificial material, simple or sophisticated, to exist, to unveil new concepts, new words.

Creating new colors, means to borrow some from the past to reveal the colors of tomorrow, all the better. It is expressing the transparency of water, the freshness of a rose petal, a journey through time, the brightness of a precious stone, the softness of velvet...

Premium Beauty News - What is the particular inspiration of the season?

Estelle Miasnik - The inspiration of this season is that of a woman who transforms herself each day according to here fantasy. She is a princess or a she-devil one day, fairy or witch one night, she is driven by here impulses and desires sometimes wearing light and subtle shades, some other time wearing more daring tones, deeper glosses or obscure shades with cosmic reflections.

Premium Beauty News - What is your approach regarding nail polishes?

Estelle Miasnik – To create new colors of nail polish is first to create the perfect symbiosis between a rebellious material, complying pigments, enchanting nacres and wild ideas, it is to put aside inaccurate shades, capricious reflections, incomplete finishes. It is also to ignore holds of poor quality, impossible dryings, uncontrollable stabilities, it is all about providing an innovative and reliable product, complying of course with global cosmetics regulations.

It also to offer enchantment... to help live and vibrate some very small parts of ourselves: nails.