Cosme Tech & Cosme Tokyo 2016 is expected to gather 700 exhibitors from...

Cosme Tech & Cosme Tokyo 2016 is expected to gather 700 exhibitors from 50 countries

Cosme Tokyo, dedicated to finished products, and Cosme Tech, dedicated to the suppliers of cosmetic brands, which will open their doors on 20-22 January 2016 in Tokyo, are continuing their expansion to become “the largest comprehensive cosmetics exhibition” in Japan,” according to the organisers.

Larger and more international

Cosme Tech & Cosme Tokyo is expected to gather 700 exhibitors from 50 countries, a growth by 30 per cent compared to the 2014 edition [1].

One of the reasons of the powerful growth is an increasing number of international exhibitors, especially at Cosme Tokyo 2016. International Area is doubling its scale, gathering more exhibitors not only from Asia, Europe and America but also from Middle East and Africa,” said the organisers.

Inspiration from the Japanese market

Of course, another attraction of the event is the Japanese market itself. Indeed, with consumers constantly striving for perfection and manufacturers and brands constantly reinventing and renewing their portfolio of skincare and make-up products, Japan and Korea have become key references for cosmetics brands in Europe and North America.

Cosme Tokyo, the section dedicated to finished products, gathers a remarkable lineup of Japanese cosmetic brands, most of which are difficult to find at any other exhibitions in the world, in particular those belonging to small and medium size companies.

Izavell Co., for instance, will showcase a whitening cream using a sake-derived ingredient sourced from a long-established brewery in Kyoto. For its part, C-Tec Co. will launch a water, alcohol and perfume-free serum based on ascorbic acid and a fermented rice extract. The surprising long fibre mascara by D-Up Corp. is another example, the more mascara is applied the longer eyelashes are, and it can be removed easily with fingertips and warm water.

The next edition of Cosmo Tech & Cosme Cosme Tokyo should also confirm the dynamism of the natural and organic cosmetics segment in Japan. While more and more Japanese brands, such as Tree Of Life, Jujubody or Raco Ginza, offer these products, this area is still dominated by international brands and suppliers.