In 2021, to respond to the environmental demands of Chanel, Texen suggested to use RPET (recycled PET) made from recycled PET plastic bottles.

Recycled an recyclable

Thanks to the polycondensation process, Texen has been able to create an eco-designed cap for Chanel’s Le Lift and Hydra Beauty skincare lines. The new cap has the same mechanical and sensorial properties as its predecessor.

As part of the global approach to reducing the product’s environmental impact, this cap contains a black dye specifically developed to make the part detectable in optical recycling streams, facilitating recycling and allowing better management of the component throughout its life cycle.

By managing the whole process, Texen says they can produce the raw material and manufacture a finished, varnished component in less than 20 minutes.

This technological breakthrough is an important step towards Texen’s ambition to develop eco-designed packaging for its partners,” said the company in a statement.