When it comes to decorative charms for fragrance bottles, Texen Beauty Partners stands on its international manufacturing and sourcing network. The French supplier most recently made for Jean Paul Gaultier a collection dedicated to the fragrance duo Le Beau and La Belle.

Made up of a clasp and a decorative element, the charm plays a dual role as part of the fragrance pack. Situated between the actuator and the collar, it guarantees the product has not been tampered with and prevents its opening in transit. It also enhances a product’s visual identity and means, in the case of Jean Paul Gaultier’s fragrances, that no cap is necessary,” explains Texen in a release.

An anchor as a collar around the neck, miniature zamac legs for Scandal, or a braided nylon cord: jean-Paul Gautier has perfectly understood the interest of this decoration.

For La Belle and Le Beau, Texen Beauty Partners created several different designs for these two new fragrances. For Le Beau, it developed a clasp and a ring made from stainless steel and galvanized in gold for the 50 and 100ml formats. For its part, the 30ml version of La Belle wears a clasp made from galvanized stainless steel with a floral décor made from zamak.