For this major launch, the house of Yves Saint Laurent chose an ultra-premium, refillable pack. It entrusted Texen with the development of a specific cap with a multitude of technical and esthetic challenges.

With an understated, minimalistic look, MYSLF Eau de Parfum is available in three sizes (100 ml, 60 ml and 40 ml) with an identical cap. For this product, Texen continues its historic collaboration with the brand.

A turnkey injection and decoration

Once the body of the cap and its insert are injected, each component is decorated and assembled in-line. The finished product is thus delivered pre-assembled to the brand.

The YSL logo is engraved inside the insert and on top of the cap, both perfectly aligned with the cap and the face of the bottle.

The aesthetic quality of the decorations is are based on a high-solid varnish with extremely low solvent content, followed by pad printing on the top; this creates a daring contrast between the shiny sides and the matte top, highlighting the elegant ridge of the cap’s edges.

In addition, the pad-printing hugs the slightest contours of the letters, revealing their texture. The fineness of the grain and the ultra-smooth surfaces can be clearly distinguished, making the technical complexity of making the parts undetectable.

Texen ran a multitude of tests and invested in the highly sophisticated processes to achieve the level of quality to which it was just committed in partnership with the L’Oréal development teams (calibration and adjustment of industrial processes, decoration techniques, inspection by camera…),” said the manufacturer of beauty packaging in a statement.