Albert Sala, Tesem

Albert Sala, Tesem

Premium Beauty News - A few words on Tesem?

Albert Sala - Tesem is before all a specialist in the processing of aluminium parts intended for the perfume and cosmetic markets and also the wine and spirits market. We run in Torello near Barcelona four factories covering a total area of 18,100 sq. metres and two laboratories, one for the approval of parts and the other located in the anodising plant. Our production capacity exceeds 325 million units per year.

Premium Beauty News - What is the secret of your growth?

Albert Sala - Firstly with our ability to constantly adapt to market changes. When we first started in the trade, we were only a supplier of anodized and stamped metal parts like many others players on the marketplace. We then identified that there was a real need for more sophisticated parts and especially a huge demand for full-service. So we decided to integrate in our site a production line for plastic parts. This of course resulted in significant investments in injection moulding, assembly machines, but also decoration machines like laser engraving (6 PLCs), screen printing (4 PLCs). We also invested in a new white room mainly intended for the cosmetic sector, which enables us to guarantee a dust- and particle-free packaging to protect sensitive formulas.

Premium Beauty News - 70% of your turnover comes from exports. How do you adapt to internationalization?

Albert Sala - Clients tend towards concentration and launches are increasingly global. To better communicate with them we have just invested in a latest generation video conference system. This enables us to share high precision documents in real time during the packaging development stage.

Premium Beauty News - The market for metal parts is booming. What are the current market trends and how do you address them?

Albert Sala - Clients are looking for suppliers who can offer them full-service solutions, thus managing the entire production process for the various components. We have heavily invested in this direction in recent years as I explained above. As for the product, it has become increasingly sophisticated and sometimes even becomes a decorative object. And it is not only a functional packaging. In addition we have a R&D Department on the lookout for new materials and new sophisticated technical solutions that we develop in close collaboration with the brands’ packaging development teams. The white room is a perfect example of this concern.

Premium Beauty News - You are setting foot on the market of wines and spirits packaging, can you tell us more?

Albert Sala - We launched the concept of “la parure du bouchage” with Pierre Tixier Manager of the VIP Company for the champagne market, an easily customizable product (as regards shape, colour, brightness...), a first diversification for us. We are also thinking about make-up, where our responsiveness, innovation capacity and creativity could be real assets.