The Golden Ratio is a blueprint to the ideal harmony of proportions. Represented by the Greek letter Phi, it has been used in art, design and architecture to create some of the most beautiful objects in history. The Phi ratio can also be observed at the cellular level and it is being used in the beauty world too.

Lubrizol Life Science – Beauty (LLS Beauty) has developed Telophi™ biotech ingredient, which helps restore the face to “Phi Beauty” proportions and symmetry.

A biotechnological extract obtained from a Bacillus sp. isolated from the Florida Keys, Telophi™ biotech ingredient protects telocytes and proliferating epidermal stem cells from psychological stress to help preserve the skin’s organization and unlock Phi Beauty.

The natural balance in facial proportions can be altered by aging and by psychological stress, with the stress hormone cortisol harming skin cells in multiple ways. Telophi™ biotech ingredient has been shown, in vitro, to boost by 19.6% telocyte skin cells, which are crucial to repairing skin structure and guarding against the damage inflicted by cortisol.

Two in vivo studies were carried out in women 35-50 who applied a cream containing 2% Telophi™ biotech ingredient or a placebo cream twice a day for 28 days. Results showed that facial proportions were brought closer to the Phi ratio through firmer skin and a lifting effect after 28 days. Symmetry of the facial oval contour improved by 6.3%. Also, luminosity increased by 13.9% and became more uniform after 14 days. Wrinkle appearance also decreased.

Telophi™ biotech ingredient is ideal for daily facial skincare products that protect the skin from the damage caused by psychological stress and for cosmetic formulations that improve skin appearance, enhancing facial proportions and the symmetry of facial features.

Telophi™ biotech ingredient helps restore and maintain the internal architecture of the skin.