The new 6,000 m2 factory is built on a 20,000 m² of land and the first...

The new 6,000 m2 factory is built on a 20,000 m² of land and the first production phase began last November. The total investment amounts to more than 13 million euros.

Premium Beauty News - A few words on your Company...

Francesco Fausti - As you know, we are based near Milan in the town of Massalengo. I created the Company in 1979 and we are specialized in the manufacture of cosmetic products for the make-up and skincare sector with a specialisation for "OTC products," which has contributed a lot to our reputation. And we work for the biggest international groups in the area.

Premium Beauty News -This new plant in Canada is a "first" in more ways than one! Why Canada?

Francesco Fausti - Yes, it’s true! This is the first time we will be producing out of Italy. But let me remind you that we also have an antenna in New York since 2014. Why Canada? The reason is simple. This country of course very close to the United States, which remains the largest market for cosmetics in North America. Canada, where European culture is strong, offers all guarantees of economic stability, both financial and socially. Connections between Montreal and Genoa, a port city an hour’s drive from Massalengo, are extremely frequent and simple. Canada has all the necessary skills in terms of specialized and qualified personnel. The city of Laval, which we chose to settle, is also twenty minutes from the Montreal airport. Finally, it is much easier to enter the U.S. market coming from Canada as part of the trade agreements that exist between the two countries than it would be coming from Europe.

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Francesco Fausti - The new 6,000 m2 factory is built on a 20,000 m² of land and the first production phase began last November. A second phase related to an increase in capacity is planned for early 2019, followed by a third phase within five years. The objective in five years, ensure that the Group’s total turnover is equally divided between Europe and the United States.

Premium Beauty News - What is the amount of the investment? How many people work there today and do they do?

Francesco Fausti - In total, the envelope amounts to more than 13 million euros, this includes the construction of the plant itself and the equipments and machines. We currently employ a dozen people, but this figure should quickly jump to about fifty in the coming months. Actually our project has proved its worth since presently, that is to say halfway our current fiscal year (March to April), we are producing twice has more as what was expected. As for the products, they currently only concern pressed powders and assembled products but in the medium and long term we will offer the whole range of Tecnocosmesi products.

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Francesco Fausti - Our growth is still as strong and we are continuing to increase our capacity. And don’t forget that we are certified ISO 22716:2007 (Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP) and that last year we obtained the ISO 14001 certification.

Our reputation stands in a few words: "Quality, Experience and Creativity", but also "Innovation and Research", which allows us to always aim "higher" in terms of colour ranges and texture performances. Finally, I insist on this desire to offer products "Made in Italy" products.