After several years of study, testing, and trials, Technicaps developed a new technique of decorations: the embossing engraving on thermoset resin.

This engraving is located on the side and can be adapted for all types of caps, overcaps, lids and jars.

We make all necessary effort to provide an authentic sensory experience to your costumers, boost the tactile memory and intensify recognition of your product and your brand. With the embossed engraving we see further, to a touch of exception, absolutely in keeping with your brand identity,” explains the European leader in shaping and finishing caps, overcaps, lids and Jars of aminoplaste resin for cosmetic, fragrance and pharma industry.

The goal of this new decoration process is to give presence at creations/pieces as well as a unique visual and tactile recognition.

Technical Information:

- Embossing of 0.12 mm on the side

- Thicknesses of the wall 3 mm minimum

- Standard or customizable color, hot stamping or screen printing…