Founded in 1996 near Brest, in Brittany, west of France, the SME has emerged as one of the world’s leading manufacturers of powder masks for the beauty industry. The company, which forecasts an increase of 17 and 20% in its sales this year, anticipates another growth of 40% for the next financial year. To support this expansion, Technature has announced that it is investing 3 million euros to equip its two sites in Relecq-Kerhuon and Dirinon, in France, with a dozen of new machines.

Increase production capacity

With a turnover of 22 million euros, half of which is generated internationally, Technature has been able to develop unique know-how and recognized technological expertise, particularly in the sector of peel-off masks, which the SME custom designs and manufactures for beauty brands around the world.

The new investments will make it possible to increase the production and innovation capacity of the company to meet the growing demand of its customers.

"This period of investment and planned growth is further proof of Technature’s commitment to providing superior cosmetic products in line with market trends and consumer preferences," the company said in a statement.

International expansion

Innovation is at the heart of Technature’s strategy, which currently employs 19 people in its research and development department, out of a total of 160 staffs. The company relies in particular on the production of hydrogel masks and patches, a unique technology in Europe that allows it to stand out on the market.

As part of its international expansion, Technature, which already markets its products in Europe, North and South America, Asia and the Middle East, also plans to enter the African market, where it currently has little presence.