Premium Beauty News - What is Teaology Skincare about?

Paolo and Cecilia Bevegni - At the core of Teology there is a patented technology that enable us to use tea infusions instead of water in the product formulations. We source the most precious teas from all over the world.

As a consequence, products offer an extraordinary high concentration of natural active ingredients. Indeed, the tea plant is the most powerful natural source of antioxidant polyphenols. This means our formulas contain 100% active ingredients.

We are currently distributed in about 30 countries around the world and our best results are coming today from Europe and Canada.

Premium Beauty News - What were the consequences of the pandemic for the brand?

Paolo and Cecilia Bevegni - As far as Europe is concerned, the pandemic hit a market that was already growing slowly. Lockdowns had a very strong impact and the increase of online sales did not compensate the drop of the brick-and-mortar business. Recent developments do not allow much optimism till the end of the year.

Nevertheless, Teaology will register a significant double-digit growth in 2020, due in particular to the positive development in North America and the launch of new products.

Premium Beauty News - What did the COVID-19 crisis change?

Paolo and Cecilia Bevegni - Beside the switch to online sales, it seems that the crisis has accelerated awareness of consumers toward sustainability and fuelled the demand for more responsible cosmetic products. As a of clean beauty and sustainable brand, this helped us to consolidate our position in many markets.

Premium Beauty News - What are your plans for the next years?

Paolo and Cecilia Bevegni - International growth is our priority. We believe that our message is truly international. Tea is the most popular drink on the world after water, so our concept is positively perceived everywhere.

Despite a tough context this year, we did not stop any development projects and we launched very successful new lines, such as our Yoga Care line that turned out to be our best seller this year.

Also for 2021 we have different new launches in the pipeline. We think that even in the current situation the market needs and deserves novelties and new concepts.

Premium Beauty News - And regarding sustainability?

Paolo and Cecilia Bevegni - Sustainability is one of our first priorities, we are convinced that today we simply cannot avoid to study carefully how our decisions are impacting our environment and our world.

From the beginning we have been choosing only sustainable formulas and packaging and we been doing our best to help our customers to minimize the impact of our products. In addition, we are support some tea farmers communities in Sri Lanka that give us extraordinary teas.