With its curved shapes and the softness of its material, the Perfect Release sponge offers a new application gesture for complexion. All curved, with a double Perfect Release film on each side, it allows to drop off the fluid or creamy texture on the skin by gently tapping. The wide part is ideal for applying the foundation, when the tip of the teardrop will easily reach the small areas of the face and eye contour with a concealer. No traces, no demarcations, a makeup without thickness to make it ultra natural. Its innovative material does not absorb makeup and restores the entire formula.

Cashmere is the material that perfectly epitomises the softness and cocooning seasonal trend. Taiki addresses this feeling with a loose powder dispenser with an integrated puff allowing to apply a veil of loose powder for retouching complexion. Flip the dispenser, tap, fix, sparkle ! Thanks to its open/close system and a mirror, the Poudrier Caresse Cachemire can be carried out everywhere.

The Poudrier Caresse Cachemire can be carried out everywhere.

Eventually, the skin softness during wintertime also implies a pampered skin. The Multi-Masking Brush allows applying different masks at the same time to each area of the face, depending on their specific needs. The square side allows to gently apply, in thick layer, a moisturizing texture on cheeks that tight, when the triangular side allows to precisely target the T zone with a clay mask or the eye contour with an anti-aging.