Symrise is reorganizing its Scent & Care segment, the business with fragrances, perfume compositions and cosmetic ingredients. The company wants to further develop its divisions strategically and continue its dynamic growth.

Dr. Jörn Andreas is taking over global responsibility for the Cosmetic Ingredients division. He has already held multiple managing functions at Symrise in the Holzminden headquarters, the USA, France and Sweden. He will be leading the division from Holzminden with the goal of expanding Symrise’s position in cosmetic ingredients through targeted investments in innovation and extending the product portfolio strategically.

Increased focus on innovation based on ecologically responsibly obtained raw materials and sustainable processes like the implementation of “green chemistry” shall create additional momentum for growth.

Eder Ramos, the current head of the Cosmetic Ingredients division, is taking over global responsibility for the Fragrance business. Ramos has been working in managing roles at Symrise for several years, for example as Regional and Division Head in Europe and Latin America. He will be leading the global activities of the Fragrance business from Paris. In a significant first milestone, he is implementing the integration of the Sensient fragrance business.

The Fragrance division has positioned itself in the market with creativity and innovative technologies, such as the successful integration of artificial intelligence,” explains Symrise in statement.

Ramos also intends to promote ethical, responsible supply chains. The division relies on the traceability of its globally sourced natural raw materials. This includes lavender from France, patchouli from Indonesia, vetiver and geraniol from Madagascar and many others.