Founded in 1997, Symex Mixing Technologies [1] has become the reference in mixing and homogenizing technologies for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

We provide high-end equipment to companies that need state-of-the-art technologies for manufacturing products with a high level of quality and we support our customers wherever they are located around the world,” explains Ulf Sieckmann, CEO of the company.

Full process control

The leading names of the cosmetics industry are among the customers of the German company — including L’Oréal, Henkel, Estée Lauder, Dior, etc. — who are interested in its patented technologies allowing full control of the industrial process of mixing and homogenizing cosmetic formulas.

Our technologies include traditional agitation systems, coaxial agitators, rotor-stator homogenisers, as well as rotor-rotor homogenisers - Co-Twister-, and temperature control systems, that allows to perfectly control all the manufacturing parameters and product properties including the size of droplets and particles in the emulsions,” Sieckmann adds.

Fully automated, Symex equipment also allows to save significant time during the maintenance and cleaning stages, and offers high flexibility since it can process batches from 10% to 100% of its capacity, with complete reproducibility.

Furthermore, sustainability in terms of energy and resources savings are another key advantage of Symex technologies. Cleaning is made place not only faster, but with less water and detergent consumption means also less waste water.

A large variety of products, such as skincare creams, sun protection, shampoos, toothpastes, lipsticks, make-up, mascaras and ointments, are currently manufactured around the world using Symex’s equipment.

Our systems can be used whenever there is a need to mix ingredients. The higher the viscosity is the more useful our equipment is,” explains Ulf Sieckmann.

A six million euro investment

Continuously and steadily growing, the company doubled the manufacturing capacity at the end of last year by adding another 2,000 sqm premises including a manufacturing facility and a large office building next to the site built in 2008, for a total investment of around six million euros. Just in time for the largest contract in the company’s history, a 25 million euro order for Japan!

The company, which currently employs about 160 staffs, aims to continue expanding globally with “all companies interested in having access to the same level of quality that already Symex provides to industry leaders.

The company has also adapted its technology to dry mixing with a patented rotor-rotor dispersion technology, for all the formulations that do not contain waters, in particular powders for colour cosmetics.