On the occasion of MakeUp in Paris 2023 Chromavis presents Sweet Paradox, a quest to venture beyond the expected definition of performance and colour of a make-up product.

This new proposal focuses on multiplied product identities, unimaginable colour results and indefinable sensorialities that challenge the senses in the most diverse ways.

The Sweet Paradox concept is explored through three collections which focus respectively on the three main features of a make-up product: sensoriality, colour, and performance.

“Untold Senses” collection represents a hymn to investigating new forms of expression through unbiased creativity. Going beyond existing definitions, the collection encapsulates ultra-concentrated fluids with an ethereal lightness, powders with transformative and indefinably touches, flares of color that melt into misty blur tones, textures of unexpected plasticity and pure-light payoffs that come in breath-taking visuals with spectacular reliefs.

“Spare Spectra” collection ventures into unknown kaleidoscopes. The paradoxical nature of the notion of colour itself is here explored in new forms, going as far as imagination can extend. Products showcase new possibilities of colour artistry, boldly pairing warm and cool shades, walking the fine line between blur and shine, playing with daring visuals and shifting tones, revealing the softest creamy core of glassy crystals.

“Altered Ego” collection acts as a reminder of the illusory nature of physical perceptions: nothing ever is as it seems. Resulting in renewed trompe l’oeil illusions, the textures look identical yet boast completely opposite performances. Visuals have contrasting appearing consistencies while being made of the same make-up formula. Packaging solutions act as doubles, containing multiple versions of the same product, or allowing for various possible applications and results.

For the first time, Chromavis will also present a special collection to introduce its ‘Atelier Service’. A business model that provides influencers, creators and brands with smart cosmetic creations, offering full marketing services, operational support, and a never-before-seen time to market. Featuring the “Wild Harmony” collection that recalls the iconic effortless-chic Parisian attitude, formulated with Atelier best-selling clean, highly natural, and talc-free formulas, presented in sustainable packaging solutions.

MakeUp in Paris - Booth A32 Carrousel du Louvre, Paris