This is the first time that the BeautyFull Club called upon students of a business school to carry out such a survey. The idea of such a survey was announced the club’s general assembly which was held at MakeUp in Paris in June 2011. A challenge, which was took up just six months later.

The BeautyFULL Club at the ESCP Europe, January 19, 2012

The BeautyFULL Club at the ESCP Europe, January 19, 2012

Need for exemplarity

Champions of product innovation, selective brands from the perfume and cosmetic industry should also communicate on their good practices in terms of sustainable development. A key challenge in a large number of countries where consumers are extremely sensitive the preservation of ecosystems.

The study commissioned by the BeautyFull Club stresses on the need for exemplarity at all levels of the value-added chain. Starting with the ingredients which are essential to the formulas. Packaging manufacturers also have an important responsibility. With of course the key role played by the brands’ industrial process and the supply chain to the point of sale where consumers want to find a clear and reliable information on the practices of brands in terms of sustainable development.

Industry players need to organize themselves

Because that is the heart of the matter: consumers need benchmarks to identify the selective brands who are virtuous in terms of sustainable development. It is up to the industry players to organize themselves to collect the necessary data for a transparent information from one end of the chain, to the other and maintain consumer confidence.

Thus, the BeautyFull Club projects to establish a summary chart of key commitments in terms of sustainable development for the high end beauty sector, and to promote good practices in the selective perfume and cosmetic industry.

The BeautyFull Club will also shortly begin the creation of a working group gathering representatives from the selective perfume and cosmetic industry to define the specific challenges of the industry and of sustainable development. The aim also being to reflect on the communication tools to use with consumers to provide them with clear and reliable information in the point of sale.

Among other ideas that were presented on January 19, 2012, during the meeting of the BeautyFull Club: interactive applications for consumers and regular publications to support the perception of progress achieved in terms of sustainable development.

For your immediate participation to the forum on Sustainable Development hosted by the club’s new site, please click on the following link:

Through these series of studies carried out by students from high schools - the next presentation will be conducted by four students from the Centrale Paris engineering school, Department of Industrial Engineering - the BeautyFull Club is true to its mission of contributing to the emergence of innovative ideas for the Beauty industry.