Full-cover hot foil stamping consists in endowing packaging components with a glossy, premium finish through the seamless application of foil to cover a complete pack, offering a low-emission, solvent-free, more sustainable alternative to metallization.

Full-cover hot foil stamping has been incorporated into the decoration portfolio of Quadpack with the acquisition in 2021 of Stefan Wicklein Kunststoffveredelung GmbH, one of the few expert global providers of this complex technique.

Decorations with a lower environmental footprint

While metallization offers many advantages, full-coverage hot foil stamping requires less energy and no solvents. The PET carrier film can also be produced in PCR material and Quadpack is developing a process to recycle it. What’s more, typically accounting for less than 5% of the full packaging solution’s material, it does not affect recyclability.

“Material usage in general is minimised thanks to low reject rates, facilitated by the know-how of Quadpack’s decoration specialists,” the company highlights in a statement.

Aesthetically, full-cover hot foil stamping adds lustre to a pack and offers a variety of creative finishes. Brushed aluminium, wood, and hologram effects can be applied, in matt or gloss, in monochrome or a multitude of colours, alone or in combination. Foils and foiling tools can be standard or bespoke, to match pack designs, budgets, and launch plans. Branding and lettering can be incorporated into custom foils, allowing for single-step decoration, accelerating time to market, while optimising cost and boosting sustainability.

Full-cover hotfoil stamping is suitable for regular shapes, including concave surfaces.

Additional capacities in Germany

Quadpack currently has six production lines for caps and closures and two lines dedicated to cylindrical packs including airless, each capable of decorating millions of pieces a year.

The supplier plans to add another line at the purpose-built decoration centre in Kierspe, Germany, by the end of 2023.