Wanda Malhotra, CEO, Surya Brasil

Wanda Malhotra, CEO, Surya Brasil

With 250 employees worldwide, Surya Brasil does not have the size of giants such has O Boticário or Natura, but the compaby now ranks among the Brazilian cosmetics manufacturers that are the most successful on foreign markets. And the comparison always makes smile Wanda Malhotra who now runs the business founded by her mother. “We cannot compare ourselves to these giants. Our products are completely different, we are not operating on the same market segments,” she says.

International growth

While Surya Brasil has been concerned with ecology and naturalness since foundation (the brand was created in 1995), it is again by remaining loyal to its principles that the company has been successful at home and on export markets. Today, Surya Brasil is leading the Brazilian natural hair colour market, in particular thanks to it historical products based on hena.

Today, the company is present in 32 countries on all continents, and its products are available on 95% of the U.S. territory, in particular thanks to its distributor, the retail chain store specialized in natural products, Whole Foods Market. In order to better serve this market, where its sales grew by +53% in 2012, Surya Brasil will open a manufacturing facility in the USA in 2014.

For Wanda Malhotra there is no doubt that this success stands on Surya Brasil’s natural and ethical positioning. “We are not growing thanks to the financial support of a big group, but because our customers appreciate our products and because of our credibility in the natural segment,” she says.

Natural ingredients, certified products

Since its foundation, Surya Brasil has been focusing on natural ingredients and engaging various actions to support local communities. For its supply, the company has its own plantations, but also relies on Amazonian communities with which it strives to build a fair trade relationship.

In order to settle the credibility that is sometimes lacking to some Brazilian brands on these issues, Surya Brasil has invested massively in certifications. Thus, Surya Brasil is only Brazilian company proposing Vegan certified cosmetic products, that is to say without animal by-products. Some of the products are also certified organic by Ecocert and Cosmebio. Eventually, cardboard packaging are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).

Recyclable packaging

As far as packaging is concerned, Surya Brasil emphasizes partnerships with raw material and packaging suppliers that develop their business strategy taking into account social and environmental responsibility. The company requires its suppliers to guarantee the origin and sustainability of their products. All the packs must be recyclable; some of them may also be composted. Thus, the jars of the skincare products of the Amazônia Preciosa line are made from coconut fibre and are 100% biodegradable.

A range of strong assets on which the Brazilian company will continue to build in order to further expand its international distribution, now one of its key priorities.