UV filters everywhere

One of the notable happenings this year was the penetration of SPF into skincare products and makeup. Protection against the sun prevails everywhere, and sunscreens pervade our daily life. They now incorporate other functions such as blur and resurfacing, as shown by the propositions made by major companies who have modified their urban protection to offer SPF 50 (Clarins, Chanel). It must be said that the outlook is alarming because it’s estimated that one American in five will develop at least one skin cancer type in his or her lifetime. And according to statistics, many Americans will undergo several surgeries to combat melanomas.

But even if urban SPF are enriched with higher sunscreens, there is no question of giving up sensoriality. Becoming more sophisticated, hyper-light formulas protect against UV but also against free radicals, pollution... Ducray with Melascreen UV offers a new active ingredient that acts on pigmentation and cellular damage. Even the fragile skin around the eyes has its joker: Skinceuticals Eye UV Defense SPF 50 that protects this oh-so vulnerable area and can be used as a non-smudge make-up base. Its secret: an anhydrous formula that doesn’t smear into the eyes!

The problem for women is to combine protection and makeup, and often sunscreens don’t mix well with foundations and other blushes. But the problem has been solved with the emergence of another product family that’s “makeup friendly”, and so Supergoop! Offers Defense Refresh Setting Mist SPF 50 and Coola has a makeup protection mist that goes perfectly with Makeup Setting Spray SPF 30.


Aware of the damage caused by the sun, two brands have chosen to alert consumer with a video in order to get the message across. Nivea, in partnership with FBC Brazil, made a video where you see children on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. They are given dolls made with photo-sensitive plastic that turns red in the sun (showing sunburn) if you don’t cover them with sunscreen.

The other very good initiative comes from La Roche Posay, who tells you to be a “Spot Checker” with a video showing a family of Dalmatians. The strategy is modern, offbeat, and makes an emotional appeal.


For Shiseido, the breakthrough comes with Wet Force. Applying it on wet skin strengthens the efficiency of its sunscreen.

And water is an omnipresent element this year. The brand St. Tropez designed Gradual Tan in Shower, a self-tanner to put on under the shower. And Nivea, who already has a large lead on the new techniques for applications in the shower, has just developed makeup removers and moisturizers to use in the shower...

For the biggest fans of suntans who dream of tanning at night, here is some nighttime sunlight, or how to be rewarded with a healthy glow upon awakening. Tan in your sleep is not a problem with Flash Bronzer Night Sun from Lancôme that goes on in the evening to offer a glowing tan in the morning. Day after day, the intensity is adjusted to attain the perfect tan. Flash Bronzer is a real nighttime skincare product with a trio of precious oils: monoi, musk rose and argan oil. And of course its formula won’t smudge and won’t stain sheets or clothing!