Together under Crystal Group, owned by CEO Roger Hwang, Crystal Claire Cosmetics and its sister company,Crystal International (est. 1992) have seen a remarkable performance growth in both sales and new clients over the last few years. This year’s expected sales for Crystal Group are estimated at 135 million US dollars with a total staff of more than 2,000 people worldwide.

Crystal Claire Cosmetics’ Canadian production facility is fully dedicated to providing Full Turnkey Services ranging from product/package design to final product delivery, including in-house formulations, and manufacturing and packing of cosmetic products. Crystal International Inc., in its own right, has become a leading global packaging supplier with several production units located throughout China, offering customized cosmetic packaging from initial concepts, design prototypes, to finished components. The company specializes in Plastic Injection Moulding, Dual Dispensing Systems and Airless packages.

80% of sales with ten customers!

Innovation and Quality is a top priority at Crystal Claire Cosmetics”, explains Rhonda Beveridge, Vice President of Product Development & Marketing.

As the demands of the marketplace evolve, it is crucial to be a step ahead to introduce unique, high performing quality formulations to our clients. Our research team is always in search for the latest advances in ingredients, processes and technology. Our knowledgeable experienced chemists understand the importance of developing high performance formulations using the best ingredients. Some of the categories that we specialize in are Powders: Loose, Pressed, Baked and our most recent advanced Élite Slurry Technology, but also Lipsticks, Lip glosses, Lip Balms, Foundations, Primers, Mascaras, Liquid Eye Liners, and Skin / Body Products. We have our own formulations to offer and an extensive shade range, or we can custom develop a formula for a brand”.

The customer base of the Toronto firm perfectly characterizes its progress. "Clearly,” emphasises Beveridge, “this structure mainly consists of large international groups for whom we have become one of the main partners in North America these past years." The market operations of Crystal Claire Cosmetics remain concentrated at 90% in North and South America with European operations growing rapidly. So much so, that the opening of a wholly owned subsidiary in Paris, France could happen in the very near future of Crystal Group.

"More than mere suppliers, we truly position ourselves as generators of ideas and creators,” insists Beveridge. “Our efforts to develop new textures are constant, our R&D team works vigorously on developing new textures that will perform and exceed consumer expectations."