Premium Beauty News - What lead Strand to present this brand new range of eco-friendly products?

Dominique Bouvier – A need for authenticity, a need to be reassured, to believe in something, to find one’s roots, to go back to a simpler life, more natural ..., cosmetics, in the same way doesn’t escape from this ground swell.

Laboratories from Strand Cosmetics Europe have put all their know-how and creativeness in designing this new collection. We drew our inspiration from nature, nature which is so abundant with resources that help us creating different formulas to attract consumers increasingly eager for naturalness. It is not a regress, toward unpleasant natural recipes with limited efficiency, but an alliance between nature and technology, which reconciliates our need for beauty with the necessary preservation of our environment and resources.

Premium Beauty News - A range of personal care products but also a range for makeup?

Dominique Bouvier - Formulated according to the Ecocert specifications, the "Rev’Olution" collection is dedicated to sensitive skins. Our laboratories have created four care products and have concentrated their efforts on softness and comfort of textures as well as on the selection of soothing and softening active ingredients. Kendi Oil from an eco-responsible chain, Shea butter, lime flower water and extract of organic blue flax are at the heart of formulas that combine innovation and sensoriality. Without turning your back to traditional cosmetics, but on the contrary, by making profit of the experience collected over the years, "Rev’Olution" will delight women who dream of more natural products while remaining conscious of comfort and performance.

This new collection, truly original, will bring calm and serenity to the skin.

But there is also, and that is really something new, a range for makeup, "EcoLour", really colorful, also formulated with the Ecocert referential. Beautiful colors, unique textures, new gestures, this range really demonstrates that it is possible to conciliate nature, charm and technology.