Éric Bouvier, CEO of Strand Cosmetics Europe

Éric Bouvier, CEO of Strand Cosmetics Europe

Quite an enviable track record for this French company, which today employs more than 150 people spread out across its headquarters and production site in Lentilly on the outskirts of Lyon, France. The current year looks very promising too with a turnover up by 10% over last year and the signing of several major contracts with both make-up and skin-care brands. "We also have excellent prospects in the OTC cosmetic niche," emphasizes Éric Bouvier the CEO, "a segment we decided to invest more thoroughly."

Human and industrial investments

The end of 2015 truly looks like a turning point for Strand Cosmetics Europe, both in terms of industrial investments, with an increased automation of its packaging lines and also on a human level with the appointment of a new Sales and Marketing director, Denis Richard Orliange, a new laboratory manager for make-up applications (Nicolas Verrecchia) and finally of a Pharmacologist in charge of industrialization and packaging techniques (Matthieu Roux).

"These appointments create a real momentum with regards our industrial, commercial and research activities," explains Éric Bouvier, "of which we are already seeing the positive effects, particularly with our portfolio of key accounts."

These “human investments” come together with important industrial investments that are already visible, with not only an increased automation of the packaging lines but also a 3,600 sqm extension of the facilities on the Lentilly site planned in 2017.

"These industrial buildings will enable us to comply with the GMP standards and the new premises will house the R&D, Marketing and Regulatory affairs departments,” concludes Éric Bouvier. "Our philosophy is clear, he insists, we want to continue to affirm and strengthen our image of quality, seriousness, reliability and competence across all levels of our expertise, especially for technical and regulatory matters, to stand as unavoidable players and always position ourselves as leaders in our field. The validation this year by the FDA of both this expertise and competence is a true sign of recognition that we appreciate to its true value."