Decidedly, 2017 was a big year for Strand Cosmetics Europe! Last February, the French company specialising in custom formulation manufacturing and filling of high-end skincare and make-up products opened an office in Brooklyn, New York City. This Autumn, the company is completing the expansion works of its 12,800 m2 industrial site, which required an investment of 7 million euros and two years of work.

"Strand Cosmetics Europe is stepping up the challenge to become a leading manufacturer in its sector," said Éric Bouvier, General Manager, at the inauguration of the new site on October 26th. "Our project has been ambitious since the beginning. Our goal is to become a major player among the key subcontractors of international cosmetic brands and to provide our customers with an excellence-level service."

From bulk to “full service”

Strand Cosmetics Europe has chosen to transform its production site while maintaining the activity. The expansion of the facility allowed to improve the staff’s comfort and safety while implementing Good Manufacturing Practices similar to those of the pharmaceutical industry.

The 4200 m2 additional space allowed the company to increase its production capacity but also to offer new services expected by its customers. "Two years ago, with the exception of lipsticks, the company mainly supplied bulk to its customers. Today, our filling and packing business, including secondary packing, has expanded considerably. There is a strong demand for full service from customers," explains Éric Bouvier. Strand Cometics Europe now has 25 filling and packaging lines for tubes, jars, bottles and compacts and sheet masks, including a dozen lines which are fully automated.


Innovation remains at the heart of the company’s DNA. The company employs around 30 staffs in R&D, of which 20 are in formulation and about ten in quality control. Each year, Strand Cosmetics Europe spends 5% of its turnover in innovation and has set up an advanced research unit to explore cutting-edge issues and new technologies and support projects with start-ups ...

The skincare laboratory produces more than 200 new formulas per year, in response to requests from marketing or customers. About 20% of the time is allotted to the free creation of new textures and to meet and exchange with ingredients suppliers.

"Successful companies are those which, such as Strand, have the ability to constantly renew themselves and which are led by energetic and passionate teams. It is thanks to them that the cosmetics sector is France’s second net exporter," concluded Patrice O’Quin, President of the French federation of cosmetics manufacturers (FEBEA).