Johannes Schick, CEO

Johannes Schick, CEO

To grow on the masstige segment

Stölzle-Oberglas’ growing ambitions in the perfumery and cosmetics sector are nothing new… "It’s true", explains Johannes Schick, CEO. "But if we took our time is was mostly to upgrade our production tool. And, as you know, our industry is a heavy industry. We therefore undertook to reorganize our production tools in dedicated and well adapted sites taking advantage of a glass factory in Poland, bought in 2001 and, of course, of the other glass factory we acquired in England at Knottingley near Leeds. Today our tools dedicated to beauty are divided between Poland (1/3) and England (2/3) for automatic manufacturing but also Austria with semi-automatic processes in our Baernbach plant and, of course, always our site for nail polishes and cosmetics at Koeflach".

"But above all", insists Johannes Schick "we had to reinforce our technical and commercial organization to share a Group-like offensive spirit and be as competitive as possible in the targeted perfumery and cosmetics segment, ie, masstige".

An effort of 40 million euros!

In addition to the three furnaces of 100 tons/day to 140 tons/day and the twelve production lines, the Austrian glassmaker also runs two finishing workshops in England and Poland where a lot of money was invested in recent months.

"Overall", says Johannes Schick, "and if you also sum up all the other investments carried out for furnaces, manufacturing equipment, cold ends and decoration workshops, our effort can be estimated at 40 million euros".

The Prestige & Beauty division will achieve this year a turnover of 70 million Euros on a total sales figure of 150 millions, including pharmaceutical activities.

"To achieve this, we can rely on five strong points", underlines Johannes Schick: "the fact that we are fully integrated from mold manufacturing to finishes, with over 150 people fully involved in all types of finishing techniques, a fully upgraded production tool; our ability for fast decision making; the fact we belong to a financially solid private Group and also the fact that we can offer other packaging opportunities given the strong position of the Group and of its owner, Dr. Cornelius Grupp, in the production of aerosols and flexible tubes". To be continued ....