For his two perfumes (B683 and Ganymède), born from an encounter with Quentin Bisch (Givaudan) in 2015, French fashion designer Marc-Antoine Barrois has chosen glass bottles made by Stoelzle Masnières Parfumerie.

Both fragrances are therefore packed in a cubic 100 ml bottle, with a very refined shape that perfectly fits with the designer’s poetic universe. The high-quality glass allows for a perfect finish as well, highlights Stoelzle Masnières, in a statement.

The décor, indeed, was entreusted to Stoelzle Masnières Décoration, which carried out the golden hot stamping.

Dazzling recognition

B683, Marc-Antoine Barrois’ first fragrance, was named after the asteroid in Saint-Exupery’s novella The Little Prince, and after the designer’s date of birth. Marc-Antoine Barrois chose this fictional planet as its own personal star. The fragrance blends leather and spice in a subtle, yet powerful and racy refinement.

Ganymede, the second fragrance, was launched in 2019. It is also a leather, but its offers fresher and more mineral notes. In 2020, Ganymede received three awards from the Fragrance Foundation, in France, in the UK and in Russia.

The brand is already available in more than 200 points of sales around the world. Marc-Antoine Barrois recently inaugurated its second boutique in Paris, 13 Galerie Véro-Dodat, near the Palais Royal.