How was the Pardi brand born?

After two years of research and development in partnership with an independent French lab, and whilst continuing our studies, we launched our first product: a glass mascara with a reusable brush.

What are the packaging challenges that you want to overcome?

Packaging is a major challenge in eco-design, as is the case across all industries, but even more so in the cosmetics sector where single use is still too common. And big challenges are what drive us!

We want to build on our momentum and continue producing reusable applicators as well as focusing on glass, the end game being to promote a circular economy and to offer 100% reusable packaging.

What is unique in your approach to packaging?

Four years ago, when we launched Pardi, there were no mascara brands with reusable wands on the market. We came up with this idea from a consumer point of view. We were always buying the same mascara but ended up having to throw the brush away when it ran out, even though the wand was still in pristine condition. This is why we wanted to offer a glass mascara with a reusable brush. Now, we would also like to change consumers’ relationship to packaging and begin to raise awareness about the benefits of reuse.

What do you see as the future of packaging?

The best pack is the one you don’t produce, but it’s also the one you don’t need to reproduce. Choosing materials, promoting circularity and reusing applicators are for us key components of the future of packaging.

What are you most proud of in your career so far?

We are proud that we were able to start building Pardi whilst continuing our studies. As a matter of fact, we launched the research and development early in 2020, and we should graduate in 2024! This created an additional challenge that allowed us to grow Pardi with a completely different outlook.

What piece of advice would you share with young professionals out there looking to make an impact in packaging?

Our advice would be “Don’t be afraid to innovate!” Even if your solution is not on the market yet, it is essential to take your time meeting a large number of suppliers who will challenge your idea, and to find trusted partners who will make your struggle their struggle.

What does it mean to you to be selected as a Future Leader?

We took a gamble four years ago. And for a long time, many doors would close in front of us when we would present our innovative packaging idea to people. It took us years to find those trusted partners who would support us and share our unprecedented vision when it comes to reusable packaging. This is the result of two and a half years of research and development, and today we share this nomination with all our partners who helped turn our vision into a reality.

You can hear more from Léa, Julie and the other Future Leaders at Paris Packaging Week, held 17 & 18 January 2024 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris. Click here to register for your free visitor’s ticket today.