Whether it is about supporting the premiumization of cosmetic products while improving their environmental performance, or working from new, more sustainable materials, designing refillable and/or fully recyclable products, manufacturers and suppliers of packaging beauty are multiplying initiatives to meet the expectations of their customers and end consumers.

Alongside environmental issues, suppliers also offer new dispensing solutions to match with the development of innovative galenics (powders, solid products, etc.), as well as new solutions to address the challenges of a rising e-commerce market. Another big trend, is the development of connected solutions.



“Transforming ideas into solutions that change everyday life,” Xavier Joseph, Aptar Beauty + Home


- Sustainability: Five trends to watch in 2022

- Towards “Zero-carbon” perfume bottles?

- A 100% recyclable beauty gift pack

- Powder cosmetics

- Make-up and glass

Innovation showcase

Albéa, Aptar, Asquan, Baralan, Bormioli Luigi, Cosmogen, Coverpla, FACA, Geka, Meiyume, Pochet, Procos, Pujolasos, Quadpack, TwelveNYC, Verescence, Virospack, etc.

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