Sophim, a French supplier of natural ingredients for the cosmetic and personal care industry and Europe’s leading provider of botanically derived squalane, recently acquired a new plant in Spain, with the aim to meet growing market demand.

Located in the heart of one of Europe’s largest production area for olive oil, the new oleochemicals production site will supply Sophim with an additional source of raw materials. The plant will pre-concentrate and extract squalene from olives to supply the group’s historical factory in Southeast France thus dramatically increasing its production capacity of plant-derived squalane.

In the near future, Sophim should also use this Spanish site to implement a new in-house patented technology for extracting squalene, sterols and vitamin E in order to produce squalane from other fats than olive. The French company thus intends to improve the supply-chain and the price stability of this raw material.

Sophim’s Phytosqualan complies with Ecocert and Cosmos standards and a carbon test is included to certify the 100% vegetal origin of each batch.