In order to fight the influence of internal and external factors that, over time, lead to increased fat stocks and affect the body shape, Soliance has selected Dysmorphococcus globosus, a special microalgae with slimming properties that, according to the French supplier of natural ingredients, are likely to give satisfaction to demanding consumers looking for effective slimming solutions.

At Soliance we believe that the effects of time and life could be delayed,” says the company.

Decreased fat storage

Named Pro-DG, this new ingredient works through a dual action:

- Inhibition of lipids storage by stopping the triglycerides synthesis
- Stimulation of lipolysis by stimulation of cAMP (Cyclic adenosine monophosphate or cyclic AMP) rate and glycerol release

Pro-DG targets adipose tissue and can be applied on the thighs or the abdomen. Soliance recommends a dosage of 3% in cosmetic formulas.

In vitro tests conducted by Soliance have shown that Pro-DG inhibits the synthesis of triglycerides up to -85% and visibly reduces the size of adipocytes within 7 days.

Furthermore, in vivo tests have shown an extremely effective slimming action with a significant reduction of the thigh circumference by 1.5 cm in 56 days.