Socoplan, the sample division of the Ileos, group, which was born in 1970 in France, now comprises a global network of 5 companies: Socoplan & Biopack (France), Flexpaq (USA), Flexasia (China), Socopol (Poland).

The whole division gathers most of the samples technologies available in the beauty industry under a single same motto: "Sampling Solutions Worldwide." In order to create a better unity between these companies, while respecting their culture and capitalizing on their strong local image the Ileos group is creating the Bioplan brand.

"The Bioplan semantics has its origin simply in social history: Biopack was founded in 1989, then acquired in 2008 by Ileos, while Socoplan was founded in 1970, and acquired in 1988 by Ileos," says Ludovic Anceau, Managing Director.

Accordingly, the company is changing its logo and is adopting a new image, more consistent and clearer to its customers, staff and funding partners.

The brand will be adapted locally by associating the name of each company with the Bioplan brand.