After the ’no make-up’ trend in beauty and the ’quiet luxury’ aesthetic in fashion, here come ’soap nails.’ Going against the grain of the maximalist trends often highlighted in this sector, nails in turn are embracing a certain minimalism — more natural and chic than ever — emphasizing care over colour and superfluous details. This incoming trend has been on the rise since the beginning of the year.

While red, chrome or 3D nails remain among the main nail trends forecasted in 2024, more minimalist inspirations also appeal to many fans. Following in the footsteps of the fashion world, which propelled quiet luxury to the top of the trend list in 2023, or the rise of ’no make-up’ beauty looks, nail art enthusiasts are now turning to more discreet manicures. And it looks as if they’ve found just what they’re looking for in ’soap nails’. The idea is to craft a minimalist manicure on perfectly groomed nails, with an ultra-shiny, glossy, wet-look finish.

The trend is already attracting a huge following, and is spreading at lightning speed on social networks — as in real life. On TikTok, the hashtag has already racked up several million views, even though the phenomenon is still in its infancy. The social network is home to a multitude of tutorials featuring these soapy, super-shiny nails. And, whether they’re milky white or pale pink, above all, they’re always perfectly manicured. In fact, this is the very essence of ’soap nails’, whose almost ’naked’ finish contrasts with the work they actually require in terms of care and prep. In this respect, nails are echoing skincare, which is gradually taking over from complex, highly crafted makeup looks.

So, how do you actually get ’soap nails?’ While there’s no specific technique, it goes without saying that this manicure requires a glossy varnish, a top coat and all the tools you need to push back cuticles, as well as file, polish, smooth and shape your nails to achieve a flawless manicure. Once all that preparation is done, simply apply the gloss varnish — some opt for a transparent pink, others a milky white — then finish off with a glossy top coat. That’s all there is to it! Be careful, though: a perfect manicure also means a perfect hand care. Remember to exfoliate and moisturize your hands for ideal results.