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Stéphanie Machon

Smart beauty: Your skin will love it!

As a holistic concept covering several of the major current trends, Smart Beauty definitely reminds of smartphones. No instructions for use, easy-to-use, instinctive, almost instantaneous… the latter combine efficacy and pleasure, can be personalized, and provide tactile sensations, just like cosmetics do.

The intelligence of beauty lies in finished products, raw materials, or technologies, and is conveyed by catchy claims to illustrate a metaphor. Here are a few significant examples…

Smart skincare derived from collective intelligence

Today, many claims focus on the same notion of magical powers like: “Your skin is unique. Our cream knows it, understands its individual needs, and targets its specific areas of improvement.

Serum and cream repair, Smart ™ Technology - Clinique

Serum and cream repair, Smart ™ Technology - Clinique

Indeed, in Clinique’s Smart skincare range advertisement, intelligence is symbolized by an electric bulb. The smart serum (custom-repair serum) identifies the distinctive signals of a damaged skin (wrinkles, uneven complexion, dehydration, or loss of elasticity) to repair it according to its specific needs. Acting where needed, when needed, according to the skin type, whatever the age or ethnic group: that is what Clinique calls “smart” technology. In addition, this range was co-created with 1,300 web users all around the world. In partnership with TED, Clinique used collective intelligence to find inspiration for these new products.

Skincare able to adapt to the environment

The common point between many products and smart devices is that they take into account the external conditions (pollution, climate, lifestyle), rather than a fixed set of skin types (combination, oily, or dry skins), to best meet the specific needs of the skin.

And due to our highly polluted environment, hyper-urbanization, and globalization, the cosmetics industry aims to reassure consumers’ increasing concern about terms like “anti-atmospheric pollution” complex, “urban defence” active, “prevents the accumulation of polluting particles like heavy metals”, “multi-protection sunscreen”… Among the multitude of examples of finished products, there is Noxi Doxi’s “Urban Shield®”, an antioxidant spray for a complex-free gesture. Its travel size can be used any time of day, even on makeup. Shiseido’s new sun product is another of these cunning treatments: really innovative, its Wet Force™ technology strengthens the UV-protective veil when the emulsion is applied on the skin and enters in contact with water or perspiration. That is the solution offered to adapt to the restrictive, real conditions of use of sunscreens.

Expert Sun, Protection Lotion SPF 50 +. The new WETFORCE Technology for sensitive skin and children, lauched by Shiseido in 2016

Expert Sun, Protection Lotion SPF 50 +. The new WETFORCE Technology for sensitive skin and children, lauched by Shiseido in 2016

Other than a shrewd active, self-adjustable pigments or an adaptive technology, the texture itself can be universal. For example, the Emullium® Mellifera emulsifier (Gattefossé) makes it possible to develop moisturizing formulas that can adapt to consumers’ lifestyles: their trips (hot and damp or dry and cold climates) and routine (layering treatment, long-lasting makeup), whatever their skin types.

Beyond traditional cosmetics, connected beauty very naturally continues its quest for the “tailor-made” Grail. For example, Figure, connected to Romy Paris’s application, is a formulating machine that takes into account life events (stress, pollution, external temperature, sporting activity…) and skin needs (nourishing, protecting…) at a given moment to create, at home and on demand, a treatment that corresponds to the situation perfectly well. This type of systems and services makes beauty become part of a much more global awareness movement where people take care of their own health and wellness.

Skincare that discreetly works with the skin’s biology

Today, the notion of youth does not just have to do with age. What matters is the emotions reflected on the face. Just like the use of smartphones, the idea is to target both efficacy and satisfaction, without even trying to understand “how it works”. In the Orchidée Impériale® cream (Guerlain) or Capture Totale® skincare products (Dior), neurosciences scientifically justify the image conveyed by the face. The more positive it is, the younger people look. And these “good mood”, “self-confidence” cosmetic effects can now be measured, so they are willingly claimed. Likewise, upstream, active suppliers have also adopted this strategy, guaranteeing “wellness” and “happiness” results (for example, +35% and + 76% with Clotholine® by Sollice Biotech, respectively).

Is the beauty world done with hunting down wrinkle depth, traditional skin types, or the climate diktat of such or such area? Today, it claims its desire for individuality and lightness, or even highlights a carefree attitude… and it promises to dedicate all its intelligence to this.

Stéphanie Machon

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about Stéphanie Machon
Stéphanie Machon

Consulting agency in Design Global Beauty: creation of concepts, product development, and storytelling for the wellness and beauty industry.

Stéphanie has been working in the cosmetics industry for more than 18 years. Raw material marketing, concept creation, cosmetic product development and manufacturing for brands… she had already acquired an entrepreneur profile when she founded her consulting activity, MAKE IT BLOOM!, in 2010. She now contributes to the creation and development of a multitude of innovation & communication projects for both start-ups and major groups. She supports B-to-B, consumer, or luxury brands with their strategies and operational approaches.

Stéphanie holds a degree in creativity and innovation. Familiar with the whole design process of beauty brands, she shares her design global vision and guarantees a cross-disciplinary coherence in all creation-related fields.

Tel: +33 (0)1 48 01 03 54


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