These days, shower gels, shampoos, deodorants, baby wipes, and hand sanitizers are among the products moving upmarket, and the ANJAC Group has the expertise to guide brands in developing more natural products with fewer preservatives, including organic body care products with pleasant fragrances.

Thanks to its flexible and robust industrial equipment, the group works with mass retail and premium brands alike.

It offers turnkey health care kits, available to brands in a matter of weeks: disinfectant wipes, repairing hand creams, and hand sanitizers, all made in France.

To take things a step further, the Group’s R&D departments approach hygiene as a hybrid product: at the crossroads of skin care, hygiene, and health.

"This burgeoning post-Covid-19 category is a logical continuation of our cross-category know-how. Hygiene is directly related to skin protection and the skin barrier. Products absolutely must be harmless, and health safety is now a well-established consumer habit," explains a toxicology expert for the group.

With Laboratoires Shadeline, Euro Wipes, and Aircos, the group is preparing a line of innovative products blending anti-microbial action and skin barrier protection using an effective complex of natural active ingredients: cleansing spray, children’s anti-microbial hand mousse, a protective anti-microbial hand cream, skin repairing mask, etc.

With more than 99.5% natural ingredients (ISO 16128) and a dramatic reduction in preservatives, these products reflect all of the group’s nature-based scientific expertise.