Sisley’s latest innovation, Supremÿa La Nuit, The Supreme Anti-Ageing Skin Care, was launched in September 2023, after 15 years of research. Designed with chronobiology in mind, the treatment works during the night, a crucial time for skin regeneration.

According the brand, the product unlocks every ounce of the skin’s regenerative power to help it recover from daily damage sustained during the day, thanks to state-of-the-art active ingredients that target 25 anti-ageing markers for immediate and long-term results.

Soft and gentle, its lightweight, fluid texture blends quickly into the skin for a unique sensory experience and scented with the line’s signature floral notes.

For this precious formula, Sisley has chosen to call on Lumson’s skills in airless technologies. The Italian packaging supplier has developed for the brand a custom airless glass bottle adorned with a series of high-end details and precious finishes. Gold reigns supreme: refined and sophisticated, with metallic glares that highlights the lines of the bottle. The gold pump and the overcap covered in brushed gold aluminium with debossed logo give the bottle an elegant allure. The “mirror-effect” inner lacquering combined with an external lacquering in shaded semi-transparent shiny gold with UV screen printing on the outside round off the design.

According to Lumson, the airless pouch system keeps the formula totally intact and protects it from any external contamination. After use, the glass can be separated from the other components and recycled appropriately.