Sincoplas is forging on with its innovation strategy. After having presented, with Qualiform, the first liquid spray plated plastic bottle, the French SME has built on its expertise in technical parts and its mastery of injection moulding to "divert" a highly technical material coming from the automotive and aeronautic industries, and imagine new packaging applications for the cosmetics and wines & spirits sector.

Sincoplas has developed new solutions for caps and closures based on a new...

Sincoplas has developed new solutions for caps and closures based on a new injectable material with several metallic features (Photo: Sincoplas)

In concrete terms, this material allows designing moulded parts with a magnetizable, metal haptic feel and a metal-like sound. The material’s high weight - a density of nearly 4 - further contributes to the perception of quality. The material also offers very high chemical resistance and can withstand many decoration techniques: lacquering, varnishing, metallization. It is also possible to make exceptionally fine engravings directly inside the injection mould. Finally, to meet today’s unavoidable sustainability requirements, a percentage of PCR material can be integrated in the process.

"This innovative solution relies on the advantages of the plastic injection process, while offering a finished product with characteristics close to the qualities of metal: cold haptic feel, high density, amazing chemical resistance, etc. Our teams have worked a lot on the best way to inject the material so as to give it an aesthetic quality at the press output in line with the premium packaging market, which to date, accounts for 90% of our revenues," explains Nicolas Leroy, Managing Director of Sincoplas.

With this new material, the Company has imagined two premium solutions for caps and closures. These achievements were premiered at the PCD trade show, which took place on January 29 and 30, 2020 in Paris.

"Depending on the customer’s needs, this capping solution can be an excellent alternative to Zamac, hence it can be used either as a feature part (cap, overcap) or as a technical part (to add weight). It also offers engraving possibilities with extraordinary finesse," underlines Julie Welté, Sales & Marketing Director at Sincoplas.