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SIMP, how to create a custom mascara brush in minutes?

The subsidiary of the HCP Group specializing in the creation and manufacture of mascara brushes, offers to drastically reduce the time to market of a new mascara brush. Named "Le Rendez Vous", this new process allows brands to design in minutes - instead of several months - their own brush model, validated in the chosen material, in collaboration with the supplier.

SIMP currently offers its customers a choice of standard brushes from its catalogue or a custom development of their brush, in line with the desired make-up results. In the case of a custom development, the deadline is usually of 4 months, from the design of the functional mock-ups, including the pilot mould, to the creation of the final production mould.

Mix & match for an immediate result

To meet time to market requirements, which are particularly tight in the make-up sector, SIMP now offers its customers a new service, "Le Rendez Vous", inviting them to come and create their own brush on site and obtain almost immediately a validated model.

To meet time to market requirements, SIMP now offers its customers to (...)

To meet time to market requirements, SIMP now offers its customers to create their own brush in minutes.

"At this ’Rendez Vous’, we will provide our customers with different families of bristles from our catalogue, which they will be able to assemble, mix and mix on a 7-scale model, according to the desired result," explains Laureen Decras, Marketing Director.

The mascara formula is given beforehand to SIMP in order to test its compatibility with the various plastic materials proposed by the manufacturer for the brush.

Once the scale model has been completed by the customer, it is immediately passed on to the moulding technician, who produces the model on site using different plastic materials with different levels of flexibility, thus changing the desired volume or precision effect.

"Our innovation is based on an injection tool, which is capable of moulding any type of bristle or brush from our catalogue immediately. This allows customers to skip the entire prototyping phase," continues Caroline Lechalupe, Project Manager.

The customer then validates his choice of final material before moving directly to the production phase. As a result, this project is co-developed in one day instead of several months for a cost similar to that of a traditional approach.

"The aim of this process, involving the brand at this stage, is to enable the brand to put forward its own identity through the applicator," adds Laureen Decras.

Soon, a digital application

Following this principle, SIMP will launch, in early June, an application that will allow all its customers based around the world, to attend theses workshops via videoconferencing, thus allowing them to save time and travel expenses.

"They will be able to produce their own brush remotely via the application. The actual moulding will be performed at SIMP, and thanks to an immediate test panel our customer will be able to benefit from real-time feedback via a webcam to immediately assess the make-up result and the effectiveness of the applicator that he is in the process of creating, then through express shipment, a sample is sent to him," details the Marketing Director.

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