Alain Blondel, SIMP

Alain Blondel, SIMP

Taken over in July 2011 by Alain Blondel and Eric Bardonecchia, the staff has increased twofold in four years. With 35 employees to date, the company should, according to its leaders, increase its workforce again by the end of next year.

SIMP owns 17 granted or pending patents: it creates and designs every year a collection of applicators consisting of 4/5 stock and / or customized new models to its customers, while also expanding its reach overseas with the development of the North and South American markets.

To support this industrial globalization, SIMP inaugurated last June in Mexico, in the city of Aguascalientes, a new 1,700 sqm plant dedicated to the production and assembly of components for the cosmetic sector, and more specifically rubber wipers.

A double-digit growth!

To support and anticipate this growth, SIMP significantly expanded its R & D department and invested heavily in capacity equipment and disruptive equipment: with a fully automated machine park consisting of 29 plastic injection presses, including two new ones acquired this year, 17 machines for the rubber production and the use of block transfer injection for the high capacity production of extremely precise parts, the company will produce more than 300 million of these plastic and rubber parts this year, that is, a 20% increase over last year! "Innovation is the lifeblood of our progression," emphasises Alain Blondel, "and in 2016, we will invest even more, and also in the production of bi-material parts."

"Injected plastic mascara brushes and rubber wipers remain the company’s core business (70% of sales)," explains Alain Blondel, "but we are increasingly diversifying our activities in the production of other types of applicators for skincare and pharmaceutical products. More than 20% of our products are intended for other sectors than cosmetics."